Do you feel like you never have enough time...or hands?

Do you struggle with delegating to others?

Are you a one-man or woman show and feeling overwhelmed? 

Do you have a new project or product or event launch but no clue where to start?

Do you need to take some things off your plate?

Are things falling through the cracks?


Are you bogged down, stressed, burnt out, or stuck? 

Do you ever wish you could just give someone the desired end result and step away?

Do you wish you had a designated "details" person on your team?

Have you ever wished you could clone yourself?

Are you buried in to-do lists so long that nothing gets done?

Christin Henke Consulting is right for you if you're a(n)...




Small business owner



Service-Based Company




Christin resolves common pain points within your business or team by optimizing communication while implementing and improving launch processes through expert leadership and tangible methods.

How it works

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First things first: Let's get to know each other! Tell me about yourself, your business or product, and the scope of your needs. Whether you're looking for someone to launch a product, podcast, website, or event, create or refine internal infrastructure, or act as a general project manager, I can help you.

Project Onboarding

After I get familiar with the project, the magic begins! I work with you and your team to ensure that everything is taken care of: your projects are managed efficiently, deadlines are met, and communication is streamlined internally and externally.

Full-Service Project Management

I teach your team the tools they need to keep current and future projects thriving for years to come!

Christin has been an absolute game-changer for my business. She managed the logistics and roll-out of one of my latest launches, which led to welcoming 2,000 new members in to my tribe and a funnel that now self-operates, delivering new leads everyday. Christin’s ability to communicate and mobilize contractors to accomplish complex tasks (often on a tight timeline) is invaluable. Her ability to relate, connect and serve is exceptional and I am so grateful for her partnership and support in my company. Her live event experience and ability to lead a team with compassion and conviction is unparalleled. You can’t afford to NOT hire Christin for your next project!
— Amber Lilyestrom, Transformational branding strategist + business coach/Author/Speaker
Christin’s brilliance lies in her ability to turn overwhelm into action. As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to want to do everything and to get excited about the next thing before you finish the project you’re currently on. While the drive got me (and probably you) to where you are, it eventually burns you out or paralyzes you. That’s where Christin comes in. She’s able to help you identify what it is you actually want and then helps you identify the best path forward to accomplish this vision. Thanks to her honest and direct feedback, you walk away from every interaction knowing your next step – and that you have one of the best in the business on your team. I highly recommend Christin to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.
— Erica Ballard, Healthy Living Expert and Coach
I’m organized - but this woman is an organizational machine.
She’s not on the ball - she’s on top of like 14 at once and rocking them all.
Once you work with CH you’ll find yourself holding everyone to higher standards.
— Phillip Rykwalder, Author/Real Estate Mogul
Hate having tough conversations? Christin doesn’t. Hate having to organize major projects or launches? Christin eats them for breakfast. Need to whip a team into a high-performing, highly organized, efficiency machine? Sounds like a normal day for Christin. I would trust her with my business and quite honestly, my life. I would shout her praises from a mountain top if it wouldn’t lead to getting arrested.
— Ryan Flynn, Branding Consultant

It's not (just) magic...


I’m dedicated to helping people and businesses succeed, but I’m not relying on dark magic to get things done (well, not just dark magic, anyway…). Using a combination of time-tested techniques and unique approaches specific to individual projects and companies, I design and implement effective systems tailored to you and your needs. I also listen to what you want so that together, we can find the best way to reach your goals. The result? Well, I’ll forgive you for thinking I’m a wizard... #PureMagic